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Perry Hohman welcomes the opportunity to attend events where the discussion of his book Trust God would be appropriate. Perry is recognized as an inspiring guest speaker, panelist and/or small group facilitator. To contact Perry, please email him at

700 Club Interview Part 1 – March 10,2020

God is Always Available

Perry Hohman was raised as a good Catholic boy but admits to not being nearly as close to God as he is today. Over the years, Perry has learned to pause and become more aware of how the Lord communicates. Perry shares, “God woke me up from a sound sleep one night, bathed me in the warmest sense of peace and filled my mind with the inspiration to write this book.” It was not the most ideal time in Perry’s mind. He was working full time and helping his wife raise five kids. Perry explains, “I never would have written this book without God’s inspiration. I am very comfortable asking what He wants of me, and writing a book was surely the last thing on my list! I am not a writer. I am not a theologian. So, he tried to convince God that it was a dreadful idea. A few nights later, God confirmed the title of the book to Perry in another dream. Perry started writing. The book took him 10 years to finish. Perry hopes that after reading it, people will perceive God’s prompting and responses in their life, leading them to trust Him more.

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700 Club Interview Part 2 – March 10,2020

Grow Your Trust in God

Author and businessman Perry Hohman believes God has a variety of communication styles and it’s worth our while to learn how to discern what he’s saying to us.

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WTKR – Dec 19, 2019

We talk with an emerging writer and religious speaker on Coast Live

Perry J. Hohman is an emerging writer and speaker who promotes the idea of helping people enjoy more rewarding lives by trusting God in day to day living. He joins us to talk about his experience writing the book “Trust God” and discusses some of the main topics of the book.

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