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Trust God

by Perry Hohman

Trust God encourages you to include God in your daily decisions and demonstrates the many ways God communicates with you. Becoming more observant, spending quiet time praying, and seeking God’s input will transform your heart and mind.

Be loving, happier, kinder, more understanding, less selfish, forgiving, and communicate with God often. Trust God and feel true goodness.

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About the Author

Perry J. Hohman

Perry J. Hohman is an emerging writer and speaker who promotes the ideal of helping people enjoy more rewarding lives by trusting God in day to day living.

Perry is the Chief Financial Officer of a large, family run real estate investment and financing business. He serves as a board member on several charitable organizations as well as church and community action committees.

Perry is the recipient of numerous leadership awards recognizing his volunteer spirit.

Married 33 years, he and his wife, Theresa, are graduates of the University of Notre Dame, have five children, and reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

In Trust God, Perry shares how God influences his life and the lives of others. Perry encourages others to seek God’s embrace in their life.

Latest Book Reviews

“Everyone needs 4 things in their life. Someone to love, something to do, something to hope for, and someone to believe in. Mr. Hohman explains why it is important to Believe in God.”

Lou Holtz
Lou Holtz
American football player, coach, and analyst

“Perry Hohman’s insights zero in on the source of all true joy and hope in life: God’s constant, personal, intimate love for each one of us. However, we are often blind and deaf to the daily signs of His tender care and guidance. This book paints a vivid picture of one man’s ongoing experience of that grace. It made me laugh and it made me cry. Its sincerity and simplicity spark a desire to embark on this great adventure of a deeper, life-changing walk with God. Indeed, life without this intimacy seems flat and colorless by comparison. This succinct book offers inspiration and motivation to continue searching, growing, and reconnecting to the authoritative sources of the spiritual life. I project that I am one of many, many others who will be brought closer to Our Lord by Hohman’s examples of prayer and discernment. In particular, Hohman’s straightforward tone and his ability to get to the essence of things will draw in many men who often seem to have a harder time exploring their relationship with God.”

Elisabeth Sullivan
Elisabeth Sullivan
Executive Director, The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

“When I began reading TRUST GOD, I thought how much more can I Trust God than I do now? What more can I do? How much more can I believe? Page after page, after page, pulled me in so deep. It was as if this book was written just for me, knowing my thoughts, hopes, fears, Heart and Soul. TRUST GOD has allowed me to realize that all that I seek each and everyday has always been with me = God. I just needed to stop looking elsewhere and Trust!”

Rick Valente
Rick Valente
Operations Manager/Charitable Activist

“I have had the privilege of being a small part of God’s plan for the release of this book. As a believer it was thought provoking and solidified my need to understand and patiently await God’s answer for my life in everything situation. I would encourage anyone, believer or non-believer, to pick this book up. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you may learn and the difference it will make in your everyday approach to life’s situations. A little inspiration no matter what the source may just be what you needed this very day.”

Jim Hinkle
Jim Hinkle
Nuclear Engineer Cycle Manager